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What can we help you with?

What Department Within A Company Utilizes PatSnap Insights?

Insights can be used by all departments within a company, each individual department can find use of the core function that Insights can provide. Insights can provide answers to key business and strategic question, which would be valuable to all departments within a company.

These questions can be understanding strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated to a technology area, finding information on potential business partners or potential acquisitions and finally to evaluate the company’s competitors and their position in the current market.

Therefore, the platform provides valuable information for users in the business development, in the legal arm, as head of company strategy, or as a c-level executive, Insights can be leveraged to access important data in highly intuitive and visual format to keep companies ahead of the curve. 

Example below:

Within Insights, different departments can consolidate information that would be tailored for their requirements. Once the initial dashboard is created with the criteria required it can then be shared, or using the export tool allow the information to be extracted onto a presentable format.

As you can see below, the full list of exportable information is on the left-hand side which may not apply to every department of your company.


With a simple click on the checkbox, you can filter out the information that is important to the specific department and give them a full insight into what is important to them.

As you can see the example above shows that the selected information is; Key Technologies, IP Strategy and Technology Landscape within the competitor search, this could well be useful for Management to present on where innovation needs to be direct to be ahead of competitors.

The information then can be exported as a pdf, Powerpoint presentation or an Excel spreadsheet.

This is just one scenario, with the vast information presented in Insight you can create a dashboard that works for you! Exporting Insight Report


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