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What can we help you with?

How to extract chemicals from a patent onto PatSnap Chemical

A patent can contain a whole list of chemicals which may be of interest. 

Sometimes it is hard to spot the chemical and understand what the structure is.

Often users would have to copy and paste that particular chemical into another search platform.


This is where our Chemical Highlight tool comes into play, the highlight which is on by default will highlight any chemical recognised by the platform. You can access the highlight and navigation tool via the Chemical button.


Hovering over the highlighted chemical will display the structures.


And to dive in further and to understand the chemical, you can click on the highlight and it will take you back to PatSnap Chemical for further analysis.


If the patent contains a list of chemicals you wish to look at, you can extract all the structures of that patent or multiple patents onto PatSnap Chemicals.


 You can now select which part of the patent you wish to extract from. Simply tick the boxes to select the part of the patent you wish to extract the chemical structures from. 





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