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What can we help you with?

What Does “Innovation Profile” Show Me?

Provides you with an overview of patent distribution (patent type and legal statuses) within that technology field.

NOTE: You can click on a section of the pie chart to obtain the list of corresponding patents on the right-hand side that you can decide to:

  1. View in analytics
  2. Add to workspace
  3. Create a new dashboard


Innovation Rate

This area gives you an insight on the patenting strategy in that field by showing the ratio of patent applications to granted ones. The green bar shows the number of applications per year above which is a yellow bar that indicates the number of these applications that were granted over the years. It should also be noted that if a patent application has been granted then it will be shown as both an application and a granted patent for the year that it was filed.

You are also able to include a prediction of how the future might look, based on existing data:


New Companies

The New Companies graph looks at companies that have only filed patent applications over the last 5 years in the technology. The companies are ranked based on highest number of patents.

This is useful in locating new and emerging companies in the technology field. These smaller, startup-like, organizations indicate new competition in the field. On the other hand, they could be considered as potential acquisition or partnership opportunities.


Emerging Technologies

The Emerging Technologies graph looks at an organization's patenting activity within 5 IPC classes outside of their core technology areas. The patenting growth rate over the last 5 years will contribute to which periphery IPC Classes are analyzed.

This is useful for highlighting any covert technology an organization is investing and distinguish whether these are potentially emerging technologies that could be explored and capitalized on.





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