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What can we help you with?

What Does “Litigation Cases” Show Me?

Provides you with an insight into how litigious a certain area of technology is with:

  • The main concepts involved.
  • A breakdown of past cases to check the link between case outcome and patent type.
  • Litigation timeline to check the frequency of litigation associated to that field.
  • Most aggressive plaintiffs showing the 10 most litigious organisations.
  • Most asserted patents to see the patents that pose the highest threat of litigation.


Litigated Concepts

The chart shows the keywords and concepts associated with patents that have been asserted in litigation. The size of each segment represents the number of cases associated with the keyword or concept (Max 10,000 Patents used).

Helpful for: Understanding the technology areas associated to patents that are typically involved in assertion. This highlights levels of litigation risk of holding patents in certain technology spaces.


Case Outcomes

The chart shows a breakdown of the outcomes of cases that have ended (US/GB data).

Helpful for: Understanding whether there is a correlation between case outcomes and the type of patent that is involved. This could indicate technology that is vulnerable to lawsuits, and therefore the risks associated that should be avoided. Dive into the patent to understand further details on how cases have been resolved, such as individual case activities and judges involved.


Litigation Timeline

The graph shows patent litigation case trend over time (US/CN/TW/JP data).

Helpful for: Determining the frequency of litigation associated with the technology field, and therefore understand the level of risk associated to entering or operating in the space.



Most Aggressive Plaintiffs

The graph shows the parties being sued by the organization for patent infringement (US/CN/TW/GB/JP data).

Helpful for: Understanding what organizations may be highly litigious and the risk involved with filing for patents within a specific technology area. This can give an indication of the types of patents that are typically involved in assertion.


Most Asserted Patents

The chart shows the patents that have been asserted in court and have been involved in the highest number of cases (US/CN/TW/GB/JP data).

Helpful for: Identifying the patents which pose the highest threat of litigation. This indicates levels of litigation risk associated to patenting in the surrounding technology space of the most asserted patents.





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