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What can we help you with?

What Does “Market Valued Patents” Show Me?

Portfolio Value Distribution

Assess the lucrativeness of a technology space by looking at the distribution of simple families into 5 discrete buckets based on their estimated patent values.

The Value Distribution graph plots the distribution of simple patent families into five discrete buckets based on their estimated patent values.

Helpful for: Assessing the strength of a patent portfolio based on the spread of estimated patent valuation, with stronger portfolios having a greater proportion of their patent simple families in the higher value buckets.


Technology Area Benchmark

The Technology Area Benchmark graph compares this organization’s average estimated patent value within its top IPC classes with the average estimated patent values across all assignees within each IPC class.

Helpful for: Assessing the relative strength of innovation that an organization has within its top 5 technology areas, in comparison to other organizations within each technology area.


Highest Market-Valued Patents

Which of this company’s inventions have the highest market-valuation and lucrative potential?

The Most Valuable Patents are the patent simple families in an organization’s portfolio with the highest estimated patent values.

Helpful for: Identifying the intellectual property gems within an organization’s portfolio, giving an indication of technology areas and concepts that the organization may be prominent in.




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