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What can we help you with?

How do I set up Automatic Updates for Workspace Email Alerts?

Setting up Automatic Updates for email alerts in Workspace will save you a lot of time accessing the platform and running the same query repeatedly.

New patents for your search query are sent to you by email at regular intervals by following the below process:

1. Conduct the search you want to set an automatic update for. In the results view, please click on the "Save to Workspace" button: 

2. Click on the "Automatic Update" radio option under the "Range", confirm your query in the relevant field, select your Workspace and folder of choice before clicking on Save to Workspace:

3. Go to the Workspace you want to set this Email Alert up for. Please click on the Email Alert button above the table view and ensure that the "Type" options reflect what exactly you want to have set up. Then scroll down, add all the relevant email addresses (separated with a comma) within the Send to field, set your frequency, and click on Submit to set up the Email Alert. 

To amend an email alert, simply hover over your initial on the top-right of any page within Analytics and click on "Alert". Once there, please select the edit button for the email alert and you can change the search string, email list and frequency from there. 


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