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What can we help you with?

How would I use custom fields to establish a workflow?

By clever use of custom fields in Workspaces you are able to establish a workflow in terms of who within your company inspects particular patents in your workspace and whether action needs to be taken with regards to particular patents.

Once you have created your workspace to add a custom field click on the custom field button on the top right corner of the screen:


From here select the "Add custom field" option which will take you to this screen:

For field name, you would type in the type of person within the company you want to inspect the patent for example "team leader". In this case, they may potentially delegate who inspects different patents within their team from there. 

For field format you would select the "drop-down menu" option then from there you can add different people names. After that you would go through the patents in your workspace and allocate them to the different people as can be seen on the right-hand side of the image below:


You can also add separate folders with each person's patents:

To do this choose the "new subfolder" option given on the right-hand side of the folder. From here you will see this screen:


You can then add the name of the person and a description. From here you would copy the patents you have allocated to this person over from the overall folder. To do this you would select in this case the team leader refining option and then the person from there. Once you have done this, select all of these patents and click on the "copy to" option on the bottom right of the screen and copy to the recently created folder.

After you have done this for different people you can then go through a similar procedure for "action required". To do this add another custom field called "action required?" which will be another drop-down menu with the options of "yes" and "no". Then go through the patents in the Workspace deciding whether an action is required or not as seen in the image below:

 You can then add further subfolders for each person with "action required" and "no action required" and also overall subfolders for the Workspace with these two options as seen below:

You would then copy across the patents that go into each of these new folders in the same way as you did before.



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