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What Does The Company Dashboard Show Me?

In Insights, you are able to create a Company Dashboard which allows you to gain insights on a company's patent portfolio. This dashboard uses data from the company's patent portfolio to produce a number of graphs that will enable you to obtain a picture of that company's strategic ambitions and will also allow you to judge what their future plans are.

To set up a Company Dashboard from the Insights homepage, type in the company's name into the search bar with the "company" option selected. After doing this you will get a screen similar to what is shown below:

You are also able to refine by technology (in terms of IPC) and limit to keywords/query. Once you are happy with your refinements click on the "Create Company Dashboard" option. From here you will come to a screen like this:

Once here you will immediately be able to view various pieces of financial data (we obtain this data from FactSet) for the chosen company and compare it against the average value of these for companies who operate in the same technology fields (in terms of IPCs) as your chosen company. You can also obtain other patent information in relation to this company. You are also able to see an explanation of each of these and the financial indicators. On the top right corner of this page, you are also able to alter the settings of your dashboard, change to a competitive dashboard, export graphs, share the dashboard and delete the dashboard.

On the left-hand sidebar of this screen, you are able to go the analysis options where you can view the various graphs that have been created for the dashboard. You can also select the relevant playbooks here as well.

In terms of analysis, your first option is Portfolio Analysis which will allow you to analyze the patent portfolio of your selected company using various different metrics where you can refine the data that is being used by selecting the "add filter" option:

The second option in terms of analysis is Financial Analysis, which will allow you to analyze financial information of your selected company in terms of their patent portfolios using three different metrics where you can again use the "add filter" option:



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