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What Is Given In The Patent Family Option When Viewing A Patent?

When viewing a patent, you are able to obtain information regarding the patent families it is a member of. This will enable you to get a picture of other patents associated with the patent you are viewing. You can find out more patent families in these two articles: What Is A Patent Family? and What Are The Different Types Of Patent Family Members?

When you first view a patent select the "Family" option to be able to find out more about the patent families for this particular patent:




Once you have chosen this option, the first page you will come to is "geography" which looks like this:

Here, you will get to see where different members of the patent family were filed in the world (patents filed to the EPO or WIPO are separate since these are not national patent offices). You can also choose which patent family is displayed (simple/extended/INPADOC) as well as being able to view the patents in the different families. For these patents, you can view priority data, assignee names, inventor names, IPCs, their abstract as well as information about their legal status. You can also download these patents individually as PDFs as well as being able to add the whole list of them to a workspace or export them.

Tree Map

The second page which you can choose is "tree map" which looks like this:

Here, you will see a tree that shows the development over time for the different patent families where the lines and arrows show the different priority links within the family. You can also see the different jurisdictions for the patents, which will enable you to get an idea if this particular company always files in a particular country first. As well as this you can see the years for the patents which will allow you to see if there were specific years where many new family members were filed.

There are also various refinements and setting alterations you can make. You can refine by authority, application year and legal status. You can view the tree map in full screen as well as being able to zoom in and out of the map. You can also save the image as well as change which fields are displayed for each of the patents (application number is automatically set as a displayed field).         





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