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What can we help you with?

How Can I Find A Specific Classification Code?

When trying to build a search query, you may want to use a specific classification code to either refine your results or specifically find patents that have this particular classification code. There are various ways to do this, these include:

1. Use the refinement filters: Once you have reached the search results page after completing your search, you can use the filters on the left-hand side of the screen to refine your results using specific classification codes, as seen in the image below (You can find out more about the refine options here: How Do I Use The Refine Options On The Results Page?):



2. Use the classification code helpers: From the advanced search page, you can select the classification code helpers at the right hand end of the relevant classification text boxes. If you type a keyword into them, you will be given a number of suggestions of classification codes related to your search, these can then be added to refine your search. You can find out more about the classification code helpers here: How Do I Use The Classification Code Helpers?



3.  Use the classification search: Using the classification search you are able to search using a keyword for all the classification codes of that type that contains the inputted keyword. From this, you can search for all the patents that have a specific classification code. You can find out more about the classification search here: What Is Classification Search? 






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