What can we help you with?

What can we help you with?

Can I manually specify which field I want to search in?

Yes you can, if you want to manually edit your query at any time, feel free. If you do not use a prefix code, PatSnap will search throughout the full text of the document. There are numerous codes, as follows:

Title TITLE:car
Abstract ABST:car
Claims CLMS:car
Description  DESC:car
Application Date  APD:[2000-12-31 TO 2015-12-31] 
Publication Date PBD:[2000-12-31 TO 2015-12-31] 
Priority Date PRIORITY_DATE:[2000-12-31 TO 2015-12-31]
Publication Number PN:EP1537883
Application Number APN:US05/714549
US Classification UPC:(701/1)
International Classification IPC:(B60Q1/00)
Cooperative Classification CPC:(A46B11/0055)
Locarno Classification LOC:(09-02)
Inventor Name IN:("Lucius Fox”)
Inventor Address IN_ADD:(“Campbellville, CA”)
Assignee Name AN:(“TOSHIBA”)
Assignee Address AN_ADD:(“Brillion,WI”)
Standardised Inventor IN_ST:(“James Gordon”)
Standardised Assignee AN_ST:(IBM)
Primary Examiner PE:(“Richard Grayson")
Assistant Examiner AE:(“Timothy Drake”)
Attorney Name AT:(DENT)
Jurisdiction/database TYPE:(EPA OR EPB OR EPD)
Litigated patents LITIGATION:1
Licensed patents LICENSE:1
Grouped Assignee Name GNAME:Boots

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