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What can we help you with?

Creating Email Alerts

There are two types of alert you can create on PatSnap. One is from the search results page, and the other is from a Workspace folder. To do this click on the "Set Email Alerts" icon from the search results page or the "Email Alert" icon from a Workspace folder.



The email alerts allow you to be the first one to know of a new technology or freedom to operate area. These alerts allow you to stay up to date on any new patents being filed or on any changes being done to the existing patents that you might be tracking. These changes may consist of:

  • New patents- e.g. When a new patent enters your technology space.
  • New invention- e.g. When a patent that corresponds to a new invention enters your technology space.
  • Legal status- e.g. Patents becoming invalid or withdrawn.
  • Family- e.g. When another application for that same technology gets filed elsewhere.
  • Citation- e.g. When any of your captured patents get cited by another patent.
  • Expiration- e.g. Patents are no longer active and expire.
  • Litigation- e.g. When any of the patents become involved in a litigation case.
  • Licensing- e.g. When any of the patents get into a licensing deal with another company.
  • Comments- e.g. When working on a shared folder you will be alerted when your colleague adds a comment. (This is for Workspace email alerts only).


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