What can we help you with?

What can we help you with?

What is Landscaping, and What Can I Use It For?

A 3D Landscape is a fantastic way of analysing a large set of results, in a visual and readable format. You can use a landscape to determine the different technology spaces that exist within your chosen area. We can then analyse those spaces to understand several ideas:


  • Who the key organisations are within a technology area.
  • Which organisations compete over a space, and who dominates certain areas.
  • Which patents are similar in terms of language used, and classifications assigned.
  • Identify the areas with highest density of patents, and areas where you have much more freedom to operate.
  • Learn and take ideas from other applications to accelerate your own innovations.
  • Understand where your ideas fit into the existing space, and what are they likely to compete with
  • Spot trends and correlations which would be otherwise difficult to find


If you want to find out how we actually make the 3D Landscape, take a look HERE!




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