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What can we help you with?

How Do I Export My Folders?

You'll find a button called "Export" at the top of the Workspace page, or even from your search results, which will take you to a screen to export all of your documents. 

Once you have chosen the patents you wish to use, you can select the format. PatSnap offers several formats including Excel, PDF, Word, XML and CSV. Depending on the format you choose, each are customisable. 

Note:On Excel and Word exports, each publication number will be hyperlinked with a publicly shareable link. This means you can send your export to anyone in the world - they don't need a PatSnap account, and they'll be able to view the document within our system!

Now to choose the actual fields you want to export. There will be several options in this dropdown, depending on the kind of format you're using. If you choose an Excel file when exporting a list, don't forget you can also export any custom fields you have created. You can also save a template of the export format you've created to save you making the same selection each time you come back to this feature. 


When you're happy with your selection, go ahead and click the export button. We can send you an email when the export is ready, but unless you're exporting ~1000 images or PDFs, it should happen fairly quickly and you shouldn't need to wait too long. 

On the final page, your export will generate, and when it appears, click the download button!

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