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What can we help you with?

How Do I Save A Shared Workspace To My Own Account?

There are two different ways to save a shared Workspace to your own account.

The first way is to select all the patents in the Workspace and copy them to a new Workspace.

You can click on "Select All" at the top of the results list and then select the "Copy to" link. Once there, you can either select one of your own Workspace folders or create a New Workspace and Workspace folder.




The second way is to export all the patents and then import them into your own Workspace.  

To do this, click on the "Export" button within the Workspace area.




Then, once it has been downloaded on to your desktop, navigate to your own Workspace folder that you'd like to import the file into and click on the "Import" button.




It also worth noting that if there are Custom Field values that you'd like to have copied into your non-shared Workspace folder, you would need to replicate them in their entirety in your own Workspaces first before either copying or importing the contents of the shared Workspace.


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