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What can we help you with?

How Do I Analyze A Patent Portfolio?

Using PatSnap there are various different ways that you can both find a patent portfolio and do further analysis on it.

How to find a patent portfolio

To find all the patents within a company's portfolio, type the name of that company into the "Assignee" field in the "Advanced Search" page which will search using the different assignee fields which are available within PatSnap (you can find more about these in this article: What Is The Best Way To Do A Competitor Search?  

Once you have performed this search it is worth grouping your results to see "one patent representative per extended family" since it will enable you to only see one patent for each invention and will make the process of looking through the patent portfolio much more efficient.

How to find problematic patents within the portfolio

You can find patents that have been involved in litigation cases (so would be considered problematic) within the portfolio by adding AND LITIGATION:1 to the end of the search query you used.

You can also view the litigation cases for the different patents by clicking into them individually and going to the "Litigation" tab within the "Legal Information" area.

Locate the most intriguing patents within the portfolio

Using the "Analyze" charts, you can see various different trends and patterns for the patents within the portfolio and can also click into the different areas to view the patents that correspond to each data point (whether that be the year, IPC code, etc.).

You can also create a Landscape based on the search results that will enable you to see the different technology fields that the patents within the portfolio lie within and will allow you to click into the patents individually.

How to analyze the portfolio

There are various different ways to analyze the portfolio which incorporates a multitude of PatSnap's features.

The first way is to utilize the Matrix charts found within the Workspace area which will allow you to compare two different metrics with each other for this particular portfolio.

The second way is to see which are the most highly cited patents within the portfolio. This can be done by exporting your search results and making sure to include the fields of "Cited By" and "Cited By Count" which will allow you to see both the number of forward citations for the patents within the portfolio and what these forward citations are.

The third and final way is to create a company dashboard based on the company of interest which will enable you to view various charts and graphics relating to their portfolio.



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