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What Are The Best Practices To Adopt When Creating My First Workspace?

When you create your first Workspace there are a few best practices that you can employ to get the most out of it.

Uses Of A Workspace

One of the main uses of a Workspace is the ease with which it allows you to track either a competitor or technology space.

The best way of doing this is by setting up an Automatic Update and Email Alert for this Workspace. It should also be noted that these two options will only be attached to one folder, not the entire Workspace.

An Automatic Update will rerun a search query and will enable your Workspace folder to be filled up with any new patents that match the original search query. You can access this option by going to "Automatic Update" within that folder.

An Email Alert will notify you of various changes that have occurred for the patents within that folder. You can access this by going to "Email Alert" within that folder.

A few important points to note about the different email alerts options are as follows:

  • New Patent - Will alert you to any new application, patent or new member of an existing family.
  • Family - A subset of "New Patent" only referring to new family members.
  • Legal status - Any legal status change of any patent in the Workspace.
  • Citation - Patents cite other patents to avoid infringement.

It should also be noted that the settings are proprietary to each individual Workspace and do not automatically apply across Workspaces.

As with the search results you are able to change the family grouping settings for a Workspace. By default, these will be set to "Ungrouped results" when you first access the Workspace.

To change the family settings, go the settings cog within the Workspace and once you are in the "Settings" area, go to "Result display".

You can also change the display settings for the results here as well. With the options here being Table, Standard, Thumbnail and Analyze Patents.



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