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What can we help you with?

I Have Saved The Results From A Search To A Folder In A Workspace Which Has Already Been Used. How Would I Make That Folder Its Own Workspace?

If you have saved your results from a search to a folder in a workspace that has already been used there is a process you can go through that will enable this folder to be its own workspace. The process is as follows:

1. Create a new workspace by clicking the "New" button in the workspaces area:

2. Once you've created the new workspace, navigate to the folder you wish to transfer, and hover over the name. A small arrow icon will appear:

3. Click the icon and an option to copy or move the folder will appear. If you wish the folder to be in both places, choose copy. If you want to move it, choose move. Finally, a drop-down will appear allowing you to choose which workspace to use. After this, select the new workspace you have created.



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