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What can we help you with?

How Do I Manage My Email Alerts?

Within PatSnap, it is possible to manage your email alerts. You can do this by going to your initial in the top-right corner of the screen and clicking "Alert".


Alternatively you can also create an email alert by clicking 'Create Email Alert' on home screen.


Once you reach the email alert management area, you are able to both create new email alerts and edit your current email alerts. You can also see the title and the type for each of the email alerts.


If you choose to create a new email alert, you can do it for either a Search Query or a Workspace.

If you decide to do it for a Search Query you are able to choose which databases are included, edit the title, type, recipients (it should be noted that when you input multiple recipients you need to put a comma and no space between the email addresses), and frequency of the email alert. As well as this, you can preview the number of results that there would be for this query (this number depends on the settings you are currently using for your searches), and decide whether or not you would want to be alerted when there are no updates.

If you decide to do it for a Workspace you can decide both the Workspace and the folder within the Workspace that the email alert is set up for. As with the Search Query email alert, you are able to edit the title, type, recipients, and frequency of the email alerts as well as being able to decide whether or not you receive alerts when there are no updates. 

For your current email alerts, you are able to decide whether they are active or inactive, delete them or edit them.

Irrespective of the type (Search Query or Workspace) of email alert you are editing, you are able to make the same changes here as you would have when you originally set the email alert up.



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