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Bio 101

Sequence Searching Unlocked

Biotech research is booming, with patent filing growing at a rate of 25% year on year, according to McKinsey. Innovators in this growing empire, built on a shifting foundation of large molecules, need sophisticated tools to help them successfully navigate uncertain terrain. That’s why we built PatSnap Bio — a sequence searching and analysis tool, for IP and research and development (R&D) teams.

PatSnap Bio is the first high-throughput sequence search tool combining over 300 million sequences with 130 million patents from all major patent jurisdictions. PatSnap Bio makes it easy to search protein, DNA and RNA sequences within patents, and quickly find the sequences which are most similar.

It is the most powerful sequence searching tool for patentability and freedom-to-operate searches, saving time and reducing litigation risk for biotech inventions


  • Search | Up to 200 sequences at once. Find sequences from over 100 global patent databases in one click.


  • Review | Rank sequence search results by alignment strength and length. Review and compare highlighted sequences within the patent documents.


  • Refine | Filter sequence results by application area, owner, and legal status. Save relevant patents and export sequences with a click.


  • Save time | Reduce time spent waiting for freedom to operate (FTO) and patentability opinions. Complete global patent searches in 1/8th of the time










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