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What can we help you with?

How Does The Sequence Highlighter Work?

The sequence highlighter indicates the presence of sequences in that section. These "Seq No.s" will be highlighted in blue.

You can hover over these sequences in order to see them in full (the letters) and to export them as FASTA files. You can also choose to run a sequence search by hovering over any of these highlights.

The sequence highlighter tool also allows you to extract all of the sequences found within an individual patent. Just click extract from all sections.



NOTE: You can extract sequences from multiple patent in the results page. Just select the patents of interest and choose to extract sequences from the pop-up window on the bottom right.



Sometimes the highlighter will appear orange or red. This occurs when you have performed a sequence search and clicked through to see the relevant patents on Analytics.

The orange-highlighted patents indicate those sequences that were within your results whilst the red highlights indicate the presence of your exact query sequence. This allows you to quickly discern which sequences are of most relevance to your search.





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