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What can we help you with?

What Are The Refinement Options Available In PatSnap Bio?

The Bio platform is a sequence-specific tool. It uses sequence inputs and displays sequence results. If we want to refine these results, we can do so in the following ways:


Sequence Refinements:

  • Sequence Identity - We can adjust the sequence identity threshold by moving the slider. The graphic displays the spread of target sequences across sequence identity. By moving this slider, we exclude target sequences of a certain identity score, and narrow our focus. We can, for instance, choose to only see those sequences with an identity score of 80% or higher by moving the left-hand slider to the right.



  • Query Coverage - The query coverage sliding filter is a measure of how much of our query is being considered in the sequence comparison. If we only want to see those results that are similar across >90% of our query, then we should slide the left hand slider to the right, thereby excluding results that were only similar to for instance, 50% of our query.



Patent Refinements 

These sequence results link through to those patents that mention the sequences. We may, therefore, wish to refine our results according to characteristics of the relevant patents. These are as follows:

  • Simple Legal Status - To refine by simple legal legal status, select the simple legal statuses you want to use in your search. We currently have full simple legal statuses for patents from 20 different jurisdictions.



  • Standardized Current Assignee - To refine by standardized current assignee, select the standardized current assignees that you want to use in your search.



  • Technology (IPC/CPC) - To refine by IPC/CPC, select the IPCs/CPCs you want to use in your search. You can also choose different levels for these types of classification code.



  • Publication Year - To refine by publication year, select the publication years you want to use in your search:




As well as this, you can also search within the different parts of the patent text by typing into the search bar at the top of the results page.



Don't forgot though, we can also choose to add these patent refinements later in the Analytics platform.


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