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What can we help you with?

What Are The Export Options Available In PatSnap Bio?



The report tool generates an Excel spreadsheet that summarizes the results of your sequence search. The fields included in this spreadsheet are:

  • Query Identifier - Which of our query sequences (if we have searched with multiple sequences at once).
  • Query Sequence - Our query sequence written out in full.
  • Result No. - List of sequence results.
  • Similar Result Name - The target sequence number.
  • Sequence Identity (%) - The percentage of letters that match between our query and the target sequence.
  • BLAST Score - The BLAST score given to the sequence.
  • Sequence - The target sequence written out in full.
  • Patent Number/Title - The publication number of the patent (which contains the target sequence) and the title of that patent.
  • Legal Status - The legal status of the respective patent.
  • Claims/Description - Where in the patent is the target sequence found.
  • Assignee -  The assignee of the respective patent.


NOTE: Remember to click the report button again once it is generated. This will download the spreadsheet to your device.


Export FASTA

All of the target sequences on the results page can be exported as a FASTA format, either together or individually by clicking on this button.



When we click through to see the alignments of particular target sequences with our query, we can choose to export the alignment as a FASTA file.



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