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What can we help you with?

How Do I Search For Translations?

To search for the English translations of non-English language patents you will want to make use of our English translation search commands which are TTL_ENTRANS, ABST_ENTRANS and CLMS_ENTRANS for the title, abstract and claims respectively.

One way of doing this is to manually add these search commands into your query, however, a quicker way of doing this is to go to the "Advanced Search" page, then to the settings cog available there, tick the box which says "Include English translations in search" and click "Save" and all these fields will be automatically added to your search query.




Once you have performed this search query, you will be able to find non-English language patents in your results as long as they have this keyword in their translated title, abstract or claims, where in this case, this is a machine translation.



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