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What can we help you with?

What Can I Do Within The Profile Page In Discovery?

To find your Profile page go to the top-right of the page, click on the blue button with your initial and select the option of "Profile".




The Profile page enables you to both customize your User Profile and view your Search History. On the User Profile page you can change your password by clicking on Change Password on the bottom-left of the page. You can also edit Your Role and Your Industry using the drop-down menus, upload a profile image and perhaps most significantly, choose to turn on Discovery's Beta version by clicking on the switch next to "Beta version user".




Please note that by turning on Beta you will experience more functionalities at an early stage. However, there will be a slim chance that you will suffer from the occasional glitch around these new features. This will not affect your data security or privacy.

To view the searches you have made on Discovery, click on the Search History button on the left-hand side. You can delete all your searches by clicking on the bin icon to the right of "Past terms searched". In addition, by hovering around a search term, such as "autonomous vehicles", you can re-search the term or delete it individually.



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