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What can we help you with?

How Would I Use The Relationship Map?

The Relationship Map provides a visual map of the financial activity, intellectual property and news updates which link organizations together. The ability to analyze these relationships provides a useful tool to gain unique market insights.




The Relationship Map above, for example, visualizes the relationships between organizations and people in the Autonomous Vehicle market. Unsurprisingly, Uber, Alphabet and Tesla are the big-players in this market. The relationship map allows us to dig deeper and understand the bigger picture at hand, by for example, showing us exactly which companies, such as Waymo and Cruise Automation, have invested, acquired or been mentioned together. To identify the players in the map you can use the drop-down menu on the search bar on the top-right of the map or type them in.

The Map is fully interactive. Clicking on the bubbles (entities) will show you the news articles, VC investments, acquisitions, etc. your company is mentioned within. The larger the bubble size, the more events that have occurred that are associated with that entity.

Clicking on the lines will show you the specific articles where those two companies/entities are both mentioned. By clicking the co-occurrence, acquisition and investment key to the top left of the map you can choose which lines you want to view.

  • Blue line is co-occurrence (by news items) of these entities in the same articles. 
  • Red line is acquisition, with the arrow pointing in the direction of the acquired company.
  • Green line is investment into a company, with the arrow pointing towards the one invested in.


Including Patent Data

Patents are strong innovation signals, They provide insight into who is investing into which technologies, and where white space might exist. Using PatSnap's powerful patent database, you can include patent related data in your relationship map. To do so, click the drop-down menu on the top-right of your map and select Include Patents. This will show patent transfer, co-assignee, licensing and litigation relationships.

  • Patent-Transfer indicates when a patent has transferred in its ownership from one company to another, with the arrow in the direction of the company who now holds the rights conferred by a patent.
  • Patent-Coassignee relationship lines indicate patents which have shared ownership in the market, with the line between the companies who share the rights to the patent.
  • Patent-License relationship lines indicate patents which have been licensed from one company to another which allows the licensee to utilize the technology encompassed within the patent with the arrow in the direction of the licensee.
  • Patent-Litigation represents litigation activity around a patent between two companies, with the arrow in the direction of the defendant.

Clicking on the patent relationship lines will show the title and abstract of the patent(s) involved in this relationship. You can then pin the patent to your pinboard. Additionally, you can click on the patent's title to be brought to the patent view page where you can find more details. 

You can decide to narrow down to a specific patent relationships, such as licensing agreements, by selecting the different kinds of patent relationships on the top-left of your screen.

You can find more information about patents in the following article: Patents 101



You can download a PNG screenshot of the map by clicking on the green save icon on the top-right of the map. Note that this takes a screenshot exactly as you see it on the screen, not of the entire map.

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