What can we help you with?

What can we help you with?

Getting started with PatSnap Insights

Introducing PatSnap Insights

PatSnap Insights provides business intelligence for R&D, IP and strategic leaders to enable the most effective IP strategies. 

It gives organizations the ability to assess opportunities and threats, to track trends and find valuable patents and analyze the competitive landscape.

PatSnap Insights will empower users across the organization to reach conclusions based on innovation information.

Answering key business questions in seconds

It is vital that organizations are able to rapidly find and evaluate market intelligence information. PatSnap Insights ensures that this information is always at your fingertips.

With just a couple of clicks, innovation teams can answer key business questions and stay up-to-date on the latest market devlopments. 

Intuitive and quick access to data

Out-of-the-box charts will display findings from all the relevant worldwide patents - everything from determining whether a technology area is on the rise; if a specific company is gathering momentum in certain technologies; or how IP portfolios among competitors compare. Whether you're assessing risk, or new opportunities, PatSnap Insights has the answers.

Meanwhile our Dashboard News feed (below) ensures that organizations can stay on top of the latest new patents, litigation events or licensing activities.

Our playbooks feature creates a range of scenario-based analytics application such as Simulate a Merger and Portfolio Pruning. This is to enable organizations to gain actionable intelligence from intellectual property data.

Staying ahead of the curve

Innovation intelligence must provide conclusions on the best direction for an organization, what the product road-maps should look like, and how business strategy must evolve.

With increasing pressure on organizations to deliver value on R&D projects, it's up to marketing, business intelligence units and R&D teams to know the trends and to invest effort and resources in exactly the right places.

1. Being able to check and compare innovation rates of different technologies means quick answers to key questions that otherwise take many lengthy hours of research - such as the viability of entering a specific technology area and its longer term prospects.

2. Going global?

IP analysis will uncover which countries have focused on specific technologies and indicate the comparative level of maturity of that technology. Data in IP can prove indispensable when deciding which countries to enter, and when.

3. Locating new and emerging companies hasn't been easier. With our New Companies chart, you can identify smaller emerging companies in your technology field.

Doing technology research the easy way

Technology trends evolve quickly, and it can be extremely difficult to keep on top of these changes. This means that organizations need to ensure that they have a wide enough footprint across various technologies.

This protects them from changes in the market and ensures that they are capitalizing on all opportunities.

PatSnap Insights provides instant visualisations of entire technical landscapes, enabling both patent and non-patent experts alike to easily explore technology landscapes in different manners. This could include analysis according to patent classifications (1), technology keywords and phrases (2), or the rate of innovation of different players in the market (3). In this way, our dashboards enable users to quickly find adjacent technology areas or locate business development opportunities.

A survival kit for competitive intelligence

IP analysis is ideal for comparing how different enterprises are approaching a market and for enabling an organization to benchmark against its competition. It shows who is investing heavily in specific areas within their IP portfolios, and how the IP footprint varies for various players across different technologies.

It unravels IP strategies and uncovers the technological trajectory and future strategic moves of the competition.

1. Competitor strategies can be rapidly assessed using charts built on the foundation of PatSnap's valuable experience.

Use visualisations, such as radar maps, to examine areas of strength and weakness in categories such as level of portfolio diversification, joint R&D, specialisations and internationalisation.

2. Competitor dashboards allow you to assess IP portfolios head-to-head. Locate where various competitors are active, in which technology fields, and whether they are speeding up or slowing down innovation in different sectors. Compare the dollar value of their portfolios to complete an holistic view of their IP strategy.

Find out what a company's IP says about its strategy

As a company's IP activity reflects their strategic ambitions, monitoring a company's IP trends surfaces key new areas of focus, or can demonstrate changes taking place within their business - enabling you to prepare and plan a response in advance.

1. PatSnap Insights provides a Technology Landscape map, so main areas of patent and IP activity can be monitored.

This can be used alongside other information, such as statistics on the renewal or abandonment rates for patents in different technology areas, demonstrating whether a company is priortising or de-prioritising certain technologies.

2. And PatSnap's patent valuation tool enables R&D teams, marketers and investors to pinpoint a company's most valuable IP. Find out, for example, how much of a company's IP is quoted in other patents - which gives an indication of its influence in a technology area - and discover just how much the top patents in a company's portfolio are estimated to be worth.

Identify risk, find opportunity

The dramatic growth in patent activity increases risk of litigation, which is costly and unpredictable. Litigation data reveals technologies that are especially contested - and therefore likely to generate more risk. It shows which companies might be protecting and enforcing certain technologies, which companies are pioneers, and which are imitators.

Licensing trends, on the other hand, will show which firms are most open to negotiations, which technologies can be turned into lucrative parts of the IP portfolio, and the levels of royalty rates that can be expected.

1. Anticipate whether an organization is becoming more or less aggressive in defending a technology area. Determine whether a company takes a higher risk approach to patenting, whether it is involved in many expensive litigation cases, or check the case outcomes.

2. Are there licensing opportunities in certain technology fields that should be considered? And what kind of royalty rates do they command? Licensing trends are important for answering questions, such as whether an area is opening up to more collaboration or open innovation; or whether IP in a certain field could yield lucrative results.

Do more with data

PatSnap Insights provides everything organizations need to stay ahead of the competition and to prioritise R&D and marketing efforts.

  • Detect competitive threats and disruptive technology trends at early stages
  • Increase competitive advantage with faster, more efficient research
  • Have the information you need to demonstrate that you are a market leader with forward-looking vision
  • Formulate the best company strategy based market trends, competitor activity and identifying new opportunities





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