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What can we help you with?

Managing Workspace Folders


How do I manage my different folders within and between workspaces?

To organize and customise your workspaces you can create new folders and subfolders on the left-hand side of the workspace area:

By clicking on the “manage” hyperlink you will be directed to a page where you can view and manage all your folders and subfolders:

You can create and edit new folders and subfolders directly from the workspace area using the dropdown menu:

The “edit” and “new subfolder” options enable you to customise your workspaces:

NOTE: you can store up to 20,000 patents within a single folder and you can create up to 300 folders.


Additionally, you can move/copy folders within and between workspaces:

  • MOVE it to another folder in the same workspace or to a different workspace. You will only have one copy of that folder found in the workspace you selected to move it to.


  • COPY it to another folder in the same workspace or to a different workspace. You now have 2 copies of that folder: one in the initial workspace and one in the workspace you selected



You can also delete folders and subfolders:

If you zoom into a folder now, you can also manage the patents found within:

  • Export the selected patents in XLS, PDF, RTF, XML or CSV file formats choosing the fields you wish to export:

  • Delete the selected patents:

  • Edit custom fields if you wish to make changes to the customised fields displayed for the patents you have selected:


  • Copy OR move the selected patents to different folders in the same or a different workspace:



  • Just like emails, you can also mark the patents as read or unread:

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