What can we help you with?

What can we help you with?

Bulk Search

Bulk Search allows you to upload a large amount of patent numbers into PatSnap. This might be from a list of patents you already have, or from another system you are moving from. 

  • From a source that allows you to ‘Copy/Paste’ like Microsoft Word or Excel, you can import data into PatSnap
  • PatSnap is able to detect and match Application or Publication Numbers within your text, with data that exists in the PatSnap database
  • Once you have matched your data against PatSnap’s you can save it to a list, and run all the visual analytics like LandScape and Insights on this set of information.
  • The maximum number of individual patents that can be recognized with each individual BULK search is 5000.

On the home page, there are several Tabs that can be used, in order to access PatSnap from different starting points:


After Clicking on "Bulk", you will then have the opportunity to Paste content into PatSnap, and then get PatSnap to detect Application or Publication numbers within your body of text.

PatSnap handles and displays these numbers with no spaces, so when you make your upload, there can be no spaces or extra punctuation marks (e.g. hyphens, commas, slashes) in your numbers either.



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